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HRESULT Error 0x8007ffff

March 12, 2011

Recently a customer came into geeksquad with a new HP laptop running windows 7. The customer said the PC would not login to the user account she always used (it was the administrator account). I googled the error code it gave (HRESULT Error 0x8007ffff) and many people recommended an operating system reinstall. I would recommend trying this fix first, it seems to work well.

**The fix
1. I loaded the PC into safe mode (pressing f8 while computer was starting up, then selecting safe mode from the menu of choices)
2. I logged into the user account that would not load in normal mode.
3. I changed the user account password to admin, instead of whatever it was before.
*i didnt get a chance to read it, but something came up about HP credential manager *
4. I restarted the PC and started it normally.
When i got to the User account screen, i clicked the user account that was having the issues, typed the new password in, and the user account came right up, NO ERROR.

*as noted in the comments, this will work if you use the fingerprint scanner as well. Apply the fix the same way, it should work.


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  1. Brian permalink

    This worked for me as well. To note I was using the finger scanner for my password. Then the cheap power button broke off and I had to send it in for HP to fix. When it got back I had this issue. I did the directions and it worked. THanks for your help.

  2. si3ge permalink

    this worked for me too.
    googled the problem and found varying suggestions for resolution like just restore the pc or make a new account and copy everything over.
    this was a very simple fix i should have thought of but didnt.
    thanks for putting this up

  3. Brennan Lloyd Shimel Jr permalink

    I just did a password crack for a client of mine, same error, same fix, you saved my life bro, thank you!

    • haha, this is why i figured out the fix. I wiped a password for a customer and it currupted. SUCKED. I thought for sure i had locked myself out of User Account. Glad it works.

  4. CWinslow permalink

    Thank you for having this posted, I just became the favorite daughter-in-law for using this fix on my in-laws hp laptop!!!

    • Haha, well im glad i could help. Tell them to buy you some taco bell. It’s a must.

  5. MIKED permalink

    THIS WORKS PERFECTLY!!!! read a bunch of junk about uninstalling HP Protect Tools and other junk about system restore disks – didn’t do any of that – but tried the above fix and it worked!! – by the way it was to fix the boss’s home laptop – scored some big points

    • If you live in PA you could buy me a pizza? i really like pizza. Glad you scored some points with you boss. Always a plus.

  6. Micheline permalink

    Although this is an older post, I just have to say “YEAH hateadub!” Awesome dude/dudette! I was sweatin’ bigtime after doing a password recovery on a client’s laptop and everything getting corrupted! This saved my butt… big time! High-five!

    • Awesome to here. I deleted a password from a customers computer after telling them it would only take a few minutes. Then this happened. Luckily i was able to figure this out and all was good. Glad it helped you.

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