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Programs will not load / .exe Files will not execute. Cant open any programs.

May 18, 2011

Recently there have been a lot of PC’s coming into work with “scareware” viruses such as Vista total security, or Windows recovery. These programs can cause problems with executable files, specifically with launching them. We/I use this tool. Its on our approved tools list, but as far as i can tell its freeware. Check it out.

Executable links can be fixed manually, through the registry, or you can download a sweet little utility that we use at work. Its called AVZ and it is made by a company called Kaspersky. I usually would explain how to fix the .exe extensions through the registry, but there sure is a lot you have to do. This tool makes it a few clicks and done. It also has some well made features that allow you to fix quite a few things at once.

**the fix

1. Open the AVZ program.(right click and run as administrator. This will allow you to open programs for now.)

2. Click file, then system restore.

3. Check the first box. It will say “restart startup parameters for .exe, .com, .pif files”

3.5** I usually will check off 1 through 17…why not ya know?

4. Click “execute selected operations”

5. Restart the PC.

The “virus scanning” part of it doesn’t work so well. In fact i don’t think it has ever helped me. If you want to mess around with the program it would be highly advised. As i said above, it has a lot of features. Take advantage.


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