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Windows wont update/ Windows update fails

May 20, 2011

We run into more problems with windows update then one could ever imagine. It is actually rather ridiculous sometimes. It took me 2 hours, 15 restarts, 4 chkdsk runs, and many update fix’s to finally get this PC to install windows 7 sp1 (yes, the hardware was checked and i had just replaced the Hard drive and it had a fresh OS install); not to mention i had it blue screen 3 times throughout the process with different BSODs every time….awesome right? Wrong. I figured i would list some of the things I personally try to get updates to work correctly.


1. First make sure that you are on a  home or work network. If your network is set to public, windows will not update.

2. Make sure that you restart the PC. Windows vista and 7 will update automatically unless you turn it off. Sometimes windows already installed updates for you, but it needs to be restarted.

3. If you have windows 7 you can go to the start menu and then type troubleshooting. click troubleshooting. The last category has a fix windows update. This usually works well for update issues with windows 7.

4. If you have vista you can try this fix it utility

5.  Another windows fix that might help is this. . I have used it a few time and it seems to work half decent.

6. Sometime you just have to do it the hard way and really research the problem. Search the error code it gives and maybe you will have some luck. Sometime there are Hotfixes for the issue.


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