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August 15, 2011

Obviously this isnt going to work for everyone, but its a good place to start.. Here is how to go about fixing it.

1. Download the newest driver from either the nvidia site or the manufacture’s website (evga, gigabyte, dell…etc.) I would suggest going straight to nvidia’s site. DONT INSTALL THE DRIVER YET!

1.5 If you dont know what kind of video card you have go to the start menu and search for msinfo32. Click components, then display. Everything you could need is there.

2. Restart the system and boot into safe mode. (press f8 while pc is starting up…before windows logo)

3. Click on start menu, then right click on computer and go to properties. Click device manager (on left) and uninstall the nvidia display driver (under display category)

4. Install the driver that you had just downloaded.

5. Restart the pc and hope for the best. This should fix that BSOD.

If this does not fix the issue, you should look into replacing the ndis.sys file located in windows/system32/drivers folder. If you still cant get it to stop with the bsod, check into wireless drivers. Realtek drivers can also cause this problem.
Sometimes these things work for me and sometimes they dont work. I am working on a pc now that seems to have all the correct files, drivers are removed, files are replaced, and yet i still cant get into the os aside from safe mode.

Good luck. Email me with questions.


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