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Create multiple sets of recovery media for HP computers. Create recovery media sony/hp/dell/asus.

August 16, 2011

If you have recently purchased a PC, you must create your own recovery media. The program is different depending on the brand.

HP- GO to the start menu and type ‘recovery’ and a ‘recovery disc creation’ will pop up. Click it and follow the instructions.

Sony- Go to the start menu and type ‘vaio care’. Inside the program you should see recovery option. Create recovery media.

Asus- Go to the start menu and type ‘recovery’ and you should see ai recovery burner. Follow instructions.

Dell- GO to start menu and type ‘data safe’. Open the program and choose the free one (who wants to pay?) and then proceed with the instructions.

Hp is the only company i know that restricts you to  1 set of recovery media. There is of course a way around this.

1.Go to C:\Program Files(x86)\SMINST

2. Copy STRCDC.ini to a different location (just to be safe)

3. Open STRCDC.ini and search for:



Disc 1 would be set to 0, Disc 2 would be set to 1, etc

4. Change values accordingly and save the file.

Another method is this:

1.Find the ResumeSnapshot.xml file in either:C:\Program File (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\Recovery\ResumeSnapshot.xml   or RecoveryPartition:\HP\CDCreatorlog\ResumeSnapshot.xml

2. Open ResumeSnapshot.xml with Notepad (right click and select open with. Then select notepad)

3. The top line will read:


4. In place of the asterisks, put the disc number you need to start from. (example 1)

**there will not be any * in the file when you open it in notepad.

Hope this works. Good luck.


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