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MAC OS X couldn’t be installed, because the disk is damaged and can’t be repaired

July 29, 2012

So the new release of mountain lion is here. (loud cheers and applause erupts from apple freaks everywhere).  I have had two mac book pro’s come in with this error already. The one was an easy fix and the other took some time and required a fresh install of lion. Here we go.

*I think the problem lies with the fact that once you start this install from HD, it seems impossible to re-install 10.7.2 LION because the option that would usually install LION is now going to try installing Mountain Lion. Its hard for me too say where the problem gets complicated to fix and where it is an easy fix, as i am not the one starting the install of Mountain lion and i do not know how far in the install each one was.

The fix….The fixes….

* The first mac i got in, i ran a diag, extended test on it, booted it back up, and it loaded right into their os…..not sure why it happended, or even why it worked….but it did.

1. Turn off the computer and then press control, Command, R, and P. Turn on the PC while holding these keys. After you hear the sound, continue to hold the keys until the computer restarts and you hear the sounds again. This should reset nvram/pram.

2. If you still get back to the problem with not being able to install, try to repair the Disc and repair the permissions. (Go into disc utility, select the disc, and repair) If this option is grayed out, you will need to boot off of the disc and try to repair it.

3. If all else fails, get your hands on a disc and try to re-install the OSX. (Hold C while computer is starting and it should boot from CD)

4. You can also try to press command+r or just r while booting. (make sure you are connected to internet).

5. It may be a good idea to run a diag if you still are having issues. Hold the D or Command and D key while starting up. (dont waste your time on the short test, check the box below test and then run the tests)

If this all fails……good luck. I am not very good with macs, and the fact that i got both of these to work shows that it is not impossible.


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