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How to enable cd / dvd burning inside oracle virtualbox

July 31, 2012

Recently i have been running virtualbox so that i can take registry keys and dll files from various “untouched” operating systems. I have never had a problem installing the additions and then sharing a folder with the HOST os, but today i needed to burn a vista repair disc from inside of the virtual machine. Everytime i tried it said i did not have a burner installed. It did however see that i had a cd drive enabled inside of the virtual machine.

To enable cd /dvd burning do the following:

1. Open Oracle VirtualBox

2. Select the VirtualBox OS you want to enable cd / dvd burning, then click machine

3. Next click settings

4. Then click storage and select the cd / dvd drive you have hooked up.

5. Check the box that says ‘passthrough’

6. Start the virtual machine and try to burn, you should be fine now.

Here is a screen shot of it.


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One Comment
  1. Tony permalink

    Thank you for your information. I did not see box called “Passthrough” when I click storage.

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