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Lenovo p500 dim display no backlight on keyboard. No video

January 2, 2013

Any lenovo ideapad p500 had a known issue after a windows update pushes through their update for the intel video driver. it causes the screen to go extremely dim making it almost impossible to see. The backlight on the keyboard goes out as well. 

To fix this uninstall the driver. Go to top right corner of screen, then control panel. Click device manager, then find display. Uninstall intel driver.

An easier solution is to go to my computer, and select the drive next to drive c. Could be D: or e:. Find the video driver on there (its the one that was installed by default). Please make sure to disable that optional update inside of windows update or else it will continue to happen. ENJOY


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  1. SteveF permalink

    The first solution I’ve read that actually worked! Simple “rollback” of the driver worked like a charm. Many thanks!

    • Your very welcome. Its a fairly common thing with these newer lenovo Pc’s. It a pain but a simple fix. So long as your eyes can see through the darkness on the screen.

    • Simo permalink

      the rollback is grayed out for me, unable to get brightness back.

  2. MMS permalink

    Didn’t work, still unable to get the brightness back

    • Did you restart afterwards? And did you install the driver that came on the PC afterwards? It should be in the recovery drives folder I think.

  3. LJAR permalink

    I had fixed the Display problem but recently my keyboard is not turning on… I tried both of your solutions and none aren’t working for me… any ideas why? thank you though!

  4. luis permalink

    Hey, I’m sorry to bother, but my keyboard backlight isn’t workig. Do you know a solution for this? Appreciate the help.

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